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The first teeth of a child erupt when the child is aged between 3-16 months old; normally it occurs at the age of 6 months in most children. The first teeth that come out are the two bottom front teeth (Lower Incisors) and this will be followed by four upper teeth (Upper Incisors). The exact timing of the first tooth eruption is mainly dependent on genetics; this means that if there is a family history wherein the children get their first teeth late then your child also might get its teeth late.

The child will get its primary teeth, 20 nos., before he/ she is three years old. It has been found that most of the children get 4 new teeth every 4 months.

Normally children start shedding their first teeth (milk teeth) at the age of six to seven years; when the child reaches the age of 11-13 years the process of shedding the teeth is completed. The last teeth that are shed are the 2nd molars.

The eruption of permanent teeth starts at the age of about 6-7 years; this continues up to the age of 17-22 years when the child gets his/ her third molar or wisdom teeth.

You can start cleaning the teeth of your child immediately after it erupts; use a moist washcloth to wipe and clean the teeth. You could start using a soft toothbrush once the child gets more teeth. You must use either fluoride toothpaste or non-fluoride toothpaste of pea-size quantity until the child learns to spit out the paste. The child’s teeth could get stained if you use too much fluoride.

Earlier recommendation of the AAP was that the child has to be taken to the dentist at the age of three years. Of late this has been changed to 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth or before the child’s first birthday. This is mainly because it has been found that many children have cavities before they start going to kindergarten.
The following are the benefits for taking the child for early dental examination:

  • The smile of the child will be protected not only for the present but also for the future.
  • You will get educated about your child’s oral health and also his/ her dental hygiene.
  • Children having stained teeth, crowding/ abnormal tooth development, susceptible for cavity development, thumb sucking habit and bruxism might get benefited.
  • Children sleeping with bottle/ cup - baby bottle tooth decay
  • Children who maintain a poor oral hygiene
  • Children who frequently snack, especially sticky food stuffs
  • Family history of tooth decay
  • Children requiring special healthcare and children belonging to low socioeconomic status

The answer to this is yes. In order to prevent the occurrence of cavities it is necessary for all children above six months of age to take supplemental fluoride. Normally most of the children get this fluoride from their drinking water if they take water from the water supplied by the local water supply board. Well water, filtered and bottled water do not normally contain fluorides although there could be exceptions. It is good for your child to have sufficient fluorides from drinking water than getting it from additional fluoride drops or supplements. Fluoride in excess quantities might result in the child developing fluorosis which will result in permanent white to brown discoloration of the enamel of the teeth. If the child is given fluoride drops and also getting fluorides from his diet the chances of the child getting fluorosis is higher. Consult your pediatrician or pedodontist before giving your child fluoride supplements.

The staining can occur because of intrinsic staining caused by fluorosis, blood and bile pigments, inherited defects of dentin and enamel, trauma and medications such as tetracycline; extrinsic staining could occur from bacteria and food stains.

The back teeth are normally difficult to clean and are more likely to develop cavities; dental sealants are normally applied to these teeth to protect the grooves and pits of these teeth. The sealants form a barrier against plaque and other substances. You should apply sealants to the 1st and 2nd permanent molars and appropriate premolars after they erupt.

Children's Dental Health Clinics in Thippasandra, Bangalore

Having healthy and sparkling white teeth is a boon and the care starts at an early age. It’s imperative to look after your teeth while at a young age to avoid any kind of malady from occurring at a later stage in life. Children are most susceptible to tooth problems due to lack of good oral care and a good regimen, unhealthy eating habits and sometimes lack of proper nourishment, this, in turn, leads to tooth decay and other issues that crop up.

A number of children are having dental problems as they indulge in sweets and sticky food that sits between the teeth and causes gum problem. A regular checkup and a visit to the dentist is a must to eliminate any occurrence of such problems and keeping infection at bay.

The right place for all your child’s dental needs

Vignesh dental speciality centre for pediatric dental services is one clinic with a large heart and a larger goal of providing treatment to young and old. Formed in the year 1998our main aim is to work tirelessly towards the betterment of people with dental issues and oral care. We distinguish ourselves from other children’s dental health clinics in Bangalore by giving high-end treatment, we have a dedicated team of doctors that match up to the world standards. Our pediatric doctors understand the psyche of children and take utmost care while dealing with them.

We provide a caring and friendly space with the latest technology under the able supervision of the best in the industry. Our staff strikes a balance with the parents and continuously makes an effort to keep that charming and innocent smile on your child’s face. Kids often get intimidated when paying a visit to a doctor, but we at Vignesh Dental Clinic Speciality Centre make it our duty to shower all the attention and warmth so that the child feels at ease. This makes us the most preferred place for every kid's dental needs and parents like to visit again in case of any future issue. It’s not just the right facilities but how we approach them is what matters the most.

We also have some special kids with dental problems visiting us and we make sure that the right support is extended to such children and they are looked after well.

Committed to the wellbeing of infants, children and teenagers alike

In our clinic, we not only provide dental services to kids of all ages but also guide and educate the parents and their children on various preventive measures to be taken to avoid an occurrence of problems in the future and embrace it as a way of life. Good oral hygiene is a matter of habit and that should be taught from an early age.

Routine checkups are also carried at the clinic so as to eliminate any problem and keep a check on any infection that may be visible. This is possible only if the parents visit on a routine basis with the child and get a complete dental checkup done. ensuring that proper care is taken so that oral problems do not reappear.

We believe in a long term relationship with the patients and therefore have a feedback system where we keep in constant touch with the parents so as to keep a check on the child’s dental health. Our weekly reminders and newsletters keep parents informed and they can come and discuss any visible signs of a problem any time. Also, a detailed record of the child’s case helps in keeping track of this progress in treatment and any other case.

Give your child a lifetime of smiles

There is no joy compared to seeing your child smiling and it is our endeavor to do just the same. The right amount of care and treatment can prevent some common problems occurring in children. Special care should be taken by parents to prevent certain tooth problems like decay and cavities by keeping a check on their eating habits. Children should be given healthy snack alternatives such as fruits, raw vegetables and foods that are naturally sweet, and instruct children to say a complete no to chocolates, candies and other foods that make use of too much-refined sugar. Well looked after teeth are what make up a pleasant smile.

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