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What are false teeth?


False teeth are artificial substitutes for natural teeth. They can be single tooth sustitutes or multiple teeth sustitutes.

What are complete dentures?


Complete dentures are artifical replacement (prosthesis) of the entire upper and lower jaws.

What are the different types of dentures?


Dentures can be either fixed or removable, partial or complete, tooth supported or tissue supported and implant supported dentures.

Why do i need dentures?


Missing tooth/ teeth have to be replaced to prevent aesthetic and functional problems. Missing front teeth constitutes compromised aesthetics and function such as tearing and shearing of food. Whereas the back teeth would be required to maintain the vertical jaw height and aid in chewing, biting and grinding of food.

How much do complete dentures cost?


Complete dentures cost anywhere in excess of Rs. 15,000. The cost of the denture is determined by:

  1. the material of the denture base and the artificial teeth
  2. experience of the dentist including qualification
  3. if additional procedures are required for better support and function such as overdentures and implant supported dentures
  4. experience and quality of the lab

How early can i get a denture after tooth extraction?


Your dentist can provide you an immediate denture within a week after extraction. However as the tissues heal the denture will loosen and may require additional treatment for making it tight.

Will i be able to chew normally with a denture?


The primary objective of preparing a denture is to help the patient look presentable and also chew food normally. There is a learning curve for first time denture wearers after which they will be able the chew normally.

Do dentures hurt?


There may be mild discomfort experienced by new denture wearers. However once the dentist or Prosthodontist does the final adjustments there will be absolutely no pain or discomfort.

How long does it take to make a denture?


Under normal circumstances the preparation of a denture will take about two weeks. The patient will have to visit the dental office for three to four appointments.

How do i take care of my denture?


Click on the link below to download the instructions as to how to care for your denture.

Denture care

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