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Doreen Wanstall

When visiting Bangalore from the UK in 2006 I had extensive dental work carried out by Dr. Shyam at the Vignesh Dental Speciality Centre.

I had discovered that Dr. Shyam was a tutor at the Oxford Dental College, highly esteemed by other dentists and pupils alike. I attended his Clinic and requested that he carried out the required work, and also that he remove all the amalgam fillings I had acquired in the UK over the years, and replace them with composite fillings and porcelain crowns.

For the amount of work to be done, and in the comparatively short time, I found Dr. Shyam diligent and meticulous in detail, with him constantly monitoring my total wellbeing. The treatment was painless and hygienic and I was comfortable and at ease the whole time. He was highly professional and his skilled technique was superior to that previously experienced in the UK.

All the staff were kind and friendly and the pleasant Clinic is situated in the colourful and cultural district of Indiranagar in Bangalore. I have had no problems since and visited Dr. Shyam for a check-up this March 2008 without the need for further treatment.

I found Dr. Shyam's fees reasonable, and was able fly to Bangalore for a holiday and have the treatment for less than the estimate for 1 crown in the UK.

I will return with confidence in the future.



I am impressed that Dr. Shyam always keeps me fully informed by explaining not only the treatment required but also the cause of the problem I am facing.

Because of his expertise and pleasant manner I confidently entrust my family's dental healthcare to him and unreservedly recommend him to others.

kim walker

Kim Walker

Dr. Shyam was very thorough, always making sure i was happy before proceeding further.The completed work was very satisfactory. Vignesh Dental provides a high quality service with real concern for the patient. He replaced my amalgam fillings (from New Zealand) with first rate composite fillings and my sensitivity was gone (which i had complained of earlier). The old fillings were only one year old.

Can highly recommend.


Carol Seaton

My experiences with dentists in my young age were pretty bad; because of this I always was afraid of taking dental treatment from any dentist. However, Dr. Shyam has totally changed my opinion.

Before treating me he always explained the need for specific procedures and what he is going to do. He always convinced me about the treatment he is going to give and made sure that I was happy in taking this treatment before he starts the treatment.

I went to him after suffering from the bad work done by another dentist; he corrected the whole thing without talking ill of the other dentist.Dr. Shyam is a nice man and an exceptional dentist.

I have found that his work is of a very high quality.

george kane

George Kane

I would not be more pleased with the level of professional care and treatment offered by Dr. Shyam. He is very thorough and explained all my treatment options. Overall an outstanding experience.

Highly recommended.

walter seaton

Walter Seaton

Both my wife and I had dental work done by Dr Shyam. I found him an excellent dentist, who was diligent at all times. I didn't have the bad experience with dentists in my childhood like my wife; however, I hadn't had particularly good experiences with previous dentists. However, Dr Shyam made me feel at ease at all times, and gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing. He also told me the truth! If it was going to hurt he would tell me, and when he said he was nearly finished he really was!

I fully recommend him to anyone.

chan kang heng

Chan Kang Heng

Dr. Shyam looked at my needs and comfort level before treating me. He is hospitable and faithful in his treatment. This experience of getting treated by him has been worthwhile.

rosemary ferguson

Rosemary Ferguson

After growing up with a fear of dentists my only visit would be when I was in pain and would have the tooth extracted. As a consquence of this in middle age I had to have a denture fitted. Whilst visiting my daughter in Bangalore I broke my denture and visited Dr. Shyam to have this repaired.

I found him to be both very professional and caring and treated me very well. Paying every attention to detail and ensuring that I was comfortable at all times. Another professional was brought in to make me a replacement denture which was done expertly and with the minimum of inconvenience and was far superior to the denture that was previously fitted in the UK.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Dr Shyam to others.


N G Subramaniam

Dr. Shyam made me comfortable from day one. His approach was wholistic and at the outset he explained the entire treatment plan. He was upfront with reference to the number of sittings needed and in what sequence he will do things etc. The entire thing was very professional. Appointments are always kept on the dot and seldom one had to wait. Medications were kept to an absolute minimum. Where necessary, he did bring a surgeon and the entire treatment was completed as envisaged and am fully satisfied. The most impressive thing is that he always had time available to talk to you and explain in terms that would make sense to a patient.

I would recommend Dr. Shyam and his team without any hesitation.


S Sreevatsa

Good Doctor, Excellent Treatment, Costs which are very very affordable. I have had good effective treatment here. The doctor has been courteous. His staff are pleasent. I would not even think of looking at any other options.

(if at all there are!)

rupa lahiri

Rupa Lahiri

Dear Doctor, Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done, I ignored my dental problems for years and I only wish I had come to know about you earlier. I used to be very apprehensive due to the varied experiences and feedback I used to get from others about their dentist. With you, I felt comfortable always, I am doing well now, and I have also learned to take better care of my teeth.

Thank you, once again

Sunil Lingaraddi

Sunil Lingaraddi

This is by far the best dental clinic I've been to! Its been close to a year I know Dr Shyam. I had to visit the clinic pertaining problems regarding my existing root canal which was causing severe pains. He thoroughly examined all the issues and explained me all possible options available to treat. He successfully removed my old RCT and re-do the entire root canal without any complications. He is very calm and gives ample time for observations between each sittings. Clinic staff is very courteous.

Dr Shyam is very knowledgeable and highly professional.

Will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends :)

Arnov Kumar Ghosh

Arnov Kumar Ghosh

I was suffering from intense pain and had to undergo a RCT for which I was wandering around many dental clinics and none of them were quick in starting with the treatment. It was then that I came across Vignesh Dental Speciality Center and spoke to Dr. Shyam over the phone. He asked me to keep aside all my worries and just visit his clinic.

I visited his Clinic and was greeted with a wonderful smile from Nisha. Dr. Shyam carried out the required work with no delay. I had extensive dental work to be carried out and the whole process was painless and hygienic.I was comfortable and at ease the whole time from day one. The medications were kept to an absolute minimum.

The most impressive thing is that he always has time available to talk to you and will explain in terms that would make sense to a patient. Dr Shyam's treatment is absolutely phenomenal and

I highly recommend his dental expertise to any patient.

shivram halan

Shivram Halan

Very professional, patient,detailed explanation, answered questions to my satisfaction.

Alex John

Alex John

Dr Shyam is a personal friend since childhood. He iis a courteous and affable doctor blessed with a good hand. He has been my family dentist for many years now and he is great with young and old alike. Most of all the myth about dental treatment costing a bomb is broken by Shyam, whose treatment is definitely worth more.

Keep it up Shyam will pass the word around.

A R Paniker

A R Paniker

In my childhood days i dreaded most the visit to a dentist.The visit always ended with the painful extraction of which i had many.After a break of many years i had the dreaded toothache back and that is when i visited Dr.Shyam's Clinic expecting as usual the worst.But when Dr Shyam suggested i go in for a RCT and explained to me in detail that no extraction was needed i could not believe my ears.The doctor answered all my queries with lot of patience with a mix of casual and professional talk.I did not experience any pain throughout the procedure.It was a new and unforgettable experience. The ambience in the clinic is good and you are at ease the moment you enter the clinic.

I strongly recommend Dr.Shyam to all my friends and aquantainces.I wish him all the best.

Anuradha Murari

Anuradha Murari

I have got my root canal treatment done and it was absolutely painless. Dr.Shyam very patiently explains the different treatment procedures and options. I am no longer apprehensive about dental treatment thanks to Dr. Shyam.

I would recommend him to one and all.



They always make you feel good. Outstanding service

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